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A credit report is an essential document that details your credit status history. It provides specifics on how well you conduct your finances. It lists your identification, credit cards and loans. It records whether you have made payments late or defaulted on credit extended.

Your credit report is an excellent reference if you are in good standing. However, if your those report is poor, it may be difficult to persuade a lender to grant credit. For a small business owner, this report is crucial to the operation or expansion of your business.

Credit Report Influence

An illustration that portrays the significance of that report is suppose a business owner needs to obtain credit to expand his business. The business owner applies to a lender for a loan or credit account to acquire the funds needed. The first reference the lender will check is the owner’s credit report.

If the lender finds that the owner has defaulted on loan payments or has a habit of making payments late, it is most likely his application will be denied. The business owner will then be in a bind as all lenders access those reports. If, however, the lender discovers the owner has an exemplary credit report, the lender’s response to the application will be positive.

Another consideration is future clientele and prospective partners. These individuals or corporations may want to examine your report before committing to business relations. They may be disinclined to initiate business connections if the report is unfavorable.

The above example applies to personal situations too. If a new car or mortgage requires financing, your report will be examined and your application accepted or denied based on the information it contains. A poor report can also negatively affect issuance of credit cards.

How to Keep Your Credit Report Untarnished

Monitoring your report is essential. This document should be considered as important as a birth certificate or any government issued legal document.

The basic elements for an untarnished report are repayment of loans or credit accounts on schedule; maintain control of your debt ratio and overall healthy financial management.

You should review your credit report on a regular basis. If you find inaccuracies in the report, rectify these mistakes as soon as possible. These inaccuracies may be the result of a technical slip up by lenders. If this is the case, contact the lenders directly to resolve the mistake.

Beware of errors on the report that indicate your credit identity is under threat of theft. If you believe your credit identity is in danger, notify the credit bureau immediately.

Any errors on your credit report need immediate attention. They should be rectified promptly. If they are not remedied, these errors will reflect on your report status and may cost you lost business opportunities.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important a report is. It requires your utmost efforts to have a clean report so that you can run a successful and profitable business.

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